Where are you located?

- We are bicoastal with anchors in Los Angeles and Maryland. 

Where is your studio located?

- Bowie, MD. Addressed is received upon booking. 

Can I bring a guest to the shoot?

- At the moment, extra guests are not allowed due to COVID-19. 

Is there a deposit to book?

- Yes, there is a $50 non-refundable deposit required for booking. 

What happens if our session is canceled?

- Your deposit will be voided if the client cancels, but if the photographer cancels, you will be refunded via Paypal. 


What forms of payment do you accept?

- We accept cash or Paypal (3% fee).

How many photos will I receive from my session?

- Clients receive all the photos taken via Google Drive. 

How much would it be to add an outfit to my package?

- An extra outfit is $30. 

How do I view your calendar?

- Click "book online" tab > Choose your package > View calendar

Do you creative direct?

- Unfortunately, we do not offer creative direction services!

Do you have a direct phone number I can call?

- We only communicate via email to keep a record of our communications and

to provide the best customer service. 

How long will my photos be on Google Drive?

- 10 days before they are deleted and you can no longer access them. 

How many times can I reschedule without penalty?

- You may reschedule twice but after the first reschedule, 

we hold the right to cancel your appointment. 

Do I get charged for being late? 

- Yes, there is a $25 late fee after 30 minutes. 

Will my appointment be extended if I'm late?

- No, your appointment would not be extended because appointments

are typically booked back-to-back. 

Can I rush my turn around time on my photos? 

- Yes, we have rush edit fees on the policies page. 

Why is there limited availability shown on the calendar?

- Due to Jacob's academic and bicoastal schedule,

it is easier for us to book month-to-month to guarantee availability. 

What are your prices?

- All rates can be found on the services page. 

What's the typical turnaround time?

- TAT is 10-14 business days but is usually much quicker, it just depends on the volume of clientele at the time. 

How many edits do I get?

- Edit amount can be found under package details on the services page. 

Do you have a drug/alcohol policy?

- Yes, all clients must arrive at their appointment sober. All clients who arrive visibly drunk, sick or smell of smoke will have their appointment canceled and/or rescheduled.

How can I reschedule my session?

- You have 72 hours to reschedule your session (without fees), and anything within that timeframe is a $30 fee. Rescheduling the day of your session is not allowed

Can I request additional edits?

- Yes, you may request additional edits but approval is not guaranteed.

Do you travel?

- Due to my academic and client schedule, I do not do travel appointments.

Do you do event photography?

- Since we specialize in beauty and fashion work, we typically don't do event photography but depending on the request, we may make exceptions. ​​

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